Welcome to the Timeless Stack documentation.

The Timeless Stack is three things:

  1. a way of thinking -- things that work should continue to work; and computers should behave the same on tuesday, thursday, and every day.
  2. a suite of software tools -- repeatr, rio, and hitch -- which ship data and run processes in containers, building other software reliably and reproducibly.
  3. an ecosystem of software that can be derived from these basic tools, and runs, redistributes, and at your option, even rebuilds from source reliably.

In particular, it's important to emphasize that the Timeless Stack takes its name very seriously. We want Deep-time reproducibility: working with Repeatr and the other tools in the Timeless Stack represents a commitment to reproducible results today, tomorrow, next week, next year, and... you get the picture. Timeless.

This documentation mostly assumes you're sold on Item #1. We'll be talking mostly about the practical usage of the tools and their APIs in Item #2, and giving demonstrations of how to produce Item #3 for yourself.

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