Timeless Stack Design

As we covered in the intro, the Timeless Stack is three things: a philosophy, some tooling, and an ecosystem that plays nicely together. Thus, the design documentation also has a major split: some things are very literal tool and API design subjects, and some are recommendations and guidelines for good ecosystem integration in the things you generate with the tools.

  • Timeless Stack API Layers, the next section, covers where the core APIs begin and end. It's important to understand where these API layers are separated in order to understand how the Timeless Stack facilitates building reusable components without going the typical road of building a new walled garden of a distro.
  • Release Schema then covers how the Timeless Stack standardizes publishing both build instructions and artifact identifiers so that both data and all the mechanisms to regenerate that data can be shared. This standardization makes it possible for many different projects with many different authors to all effectively collaborate, publishing releases and maintaining dependency trees even without a centralized online authority.
  • Responsible Packaging takes the next step and describes how we recommend building and packaging software for end users so that it works well in not just the Timeless Stack ecosystem, but also will be trivially exportable to any other distro and environment. (Note that this section is guidelines and recommendations -- not code, structures, or requirements. You can start building software and processing data with the Timeless Stack without reading this section.)