Layer 0 (Content)

Layer 0 Schema

Layer 0 of the design is a simple spec for how to refer to snapshots of data.

(Refer to the Design chapter if further contextualization is required.)


The key concept at Layer 0 is the WareID.

## WareID is semantically a "{packtype}:{hash}" tuple, colon-delimited,
## but we treat it as a string throughout the API for simplicity in using
## WareID as a key in maps.
type WareID string

## PackType is an enumeration of known ways for packing
## a Fileset into a Ware (and hashing it into a WareID).
## See if these terms are unfamiliar.
type PackType enum  {
	| "tar"
	| "git"
	| "zip"
	# More values are possible; these are examples
	#  of ones that are well known today!

type PackFilter string

type AbsPath string

The schema for Layer 0 is pretty simple and pretty terse: we just need to declare that there exist some content identifiers; and we can handle them as strings. That’s all we need. (We’ll build interesting stuff out of this in Layer 1 – all those definitions will build upon these.)