This page is out of date. The examples may not work with the latest version of the Reach command.

Hello Reach

In this getting started doc, we’ll show working examples of using Reach to execute a group of Repeatr and Rio processes.

Reach lets you build pipelines of computations, connecting a series of steps by giving names to the Wares that should be passed between them; these steps get templated out into Repeatr Formulas and each run in dependency order.

Demo Repo

The following sequence of commands should demonstrate some action:

git clone
cd reach-demo
reach emerge

The result should be a quick run of a reach demo.

  • This demo just runs one step,
  • getting some inputs from a Reach Catalog,
  • gets another input from “ingesting” it from the surrounding git repo,
  • and runs a formula.

Some of the interesting properties of the system to highlight here:

However, we also used another interesting feature which shakes things up a bit:

  • Since this uses a git ingest for one of the imports, this is not a “replayable Module”.
    • … but it could be transformed into one, simply by rewriting that ingest into some other kind of import such as another catalog reference!

Help us Improve

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PRs to improve documentation are very welcome :)