A Fileset is a term referring to set of files and directories, including some standard posix metadata. Roughly, you can consider it interchangeable with simply saying "directory". We give it a name in the Timeless Stack glossary just to speak about it unambiguously. A Fileset can be "packed" into a 'Ware'.


The "packed" form of a Fileset. Tarballs, git commits; many formats are defined. Wares are immutable and identified a by 'WareID'. We say that we "pack" a Fileset into a Ware, which results in a WareID; and we an "unpack" a Ware to produce a Fileset after fetching it by WareID.


The hash identifying a Ware. Holding a WareID gives you an immutable reference to a Ware (which you can unpack into a Fileset).


Describes the practice of identifying data based on its own content (rather than identifying it based on a name which conveys other meanings). Typically implemented by using a cryptographic hash over the content. Content-addressable systems are immutable.


An API structure describing a series of Wares, how to arrange them in a filesystem, some action to perform on them, and what parts of the filesystem to save as resultant Wares. Since Wares in a Formula are referred to by their content-addressable WareID, Formulas in turn are an immutable description of how to set up and run something. Repeatr evaluates a Formula to produce a RunRecord.